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MyGuru has the best tutors in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York – as measured by their advanced academic degrees from elite universities, test scores, years of experience, and student feedback.  

At MyGuru we combine official materials with expert tutors, official practice tests, and online practice to create a customized tutoring solution.  This “back to basics” approach allows us to offer customized, 1-on-1 support at below what other companies charge for group instruction.  It also puts the emphasis on real skills development, rather than following a dogmatic approach that may not work for an individual student.

MyGuru’s core beliefs that govern its approach to providing superior test prep:

  • The creators and administrators of standardized tests all provide excellent self-study test prep materials
  • Group classes are often simply providing an expensive form of structure, without allowing a student to focus on specific areas in which he or she is weak
  • The large test prep firms have made 1-1 test prep virtually unaffordable – they make so much money on group-based test prep, where 20 students have each paid $1,000 to sit in a classroom each week, that they charge through the roof for 1-1 help, almost to encourage students to choose a class-based test prep first
  • Combining self-study materials, both paper-based and online, with an expert tutor provides a significant testing advantage

When you compare the cost of our tutors to the large test prep companies, the difference is striking (e.g., $2,500+ vs. less than $1,000 for 15 hours).  What’s more, we believe our tutor screening process results in a higher quality instructor and a better learning experience.

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Call us at 312-278-0321 at any time with any questions.  We look forward to helping you maximize your test score.