Terms & Conditions

We’d like to let you know about a few simple terms and conditions of working with MyGuru LLC:

  1. MyGuru LLC’s tutors have been pre-screened and are continuously monitored for quality.  Less than 25% of the tutor that apply to work for our company are given spots on our team.  We look into the backgrouds of, interview, and continuously monitor the performance of each tutor. That is why we are able to offer a satisfaction and money-back guarantee on every session to our customers.  If at any point you are unhappy, simply contact us or indicate as much in the feedback we seek from you via an online survey after each session.
  2. MyGuru’s tutors are independent contractors, not employees of MyGuru LLC.  They are free to tutor indepedently or work for other organizations, and some of them do.  This means that while we choose to stand behind the services our tutors provide in the form of a money back satisfaction guarantee when they are working for MyGuru LLC, beyond that guarantee, we can’t be held legally liable for anything that occurs between the tutor and student during a session.
  3. However, even though our tutors are independent contractors, MyGuru invests a lot of time and money in coordinating, marketing, and monitoring our team of tutors.  We work hard to design services that leverage their strengths while meeting our customers’ needs.  For this reason, it is unethical for a tutor to suggest to a student that, instead of paying MyGuru LLC, they remit payment directly to the tutor.  The offiical MyGuru process is such that our customers pay MyGuru LLC, and our tutors are paid a large majority of the revenue the company earns in the form of monthly checks from MyGuru.  If a tutor suggests a different payment structure with you or your child, please let us know immediately, as that is against our company policy and we will then remove that tutor from our network.
  4. We are happy to cancel a session for you prior to 24 hours before it is supposed to begin.  If you cancel within 24 hours, we reserve the right to charge you for the session to respect the schedules of our excellent team of tutors.
  5. Please contact us at info@myguruedge.com or call us at 312-278-0321 with any other questions or issues.  Thanks for visiting our site and we hope to work with you soon!