Online Tutoring

MyGuru provides both in-person tutoring and online tutoring.  Our in-person tutoring is available in the city and suburbs of: Boston, MA, Bloomington, IN, Champaign, IL, Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, and New York, NY.  Check out our Locations page for more information about where most of our tutors are located. However, if you aren’t in one of those cities, please consider online tutoring.

We’ve carefully researched online tutoring options and chosen one that allows us to mimic in-person tutoring as closely as possible.

How it Works: Online Tutoring from MyGuru

We realize many people are hesitant to consider online tutoring, but those who try it often find it more convenient and just as effective.  Our online tutoring approach includes:

  • Audio and/or video chat
  • Uploading and sharing of files
  • Screen sharing
  • A virtual whiteboard
  • And a simple process with no software to download.

Here is a brief video with a little more information about the process.



How to Get Started with our Online Tutoring

When you choose online tutoring, you always get the first 30 minutes free so you can get comfortable with the technology.   Most of our online tutors have also been provided with and trained using a pen and tablet combination, so they can write easily on the virtual whiteboard.

Over the past year, we’ve helped students with:

  • Online math tutoring from algebra through Calculus 3 and differential equations
  • Online physics tutoring through advanced graduate level physics
  • Online statistics tutoring for undergraduates and graduates
  • Online ACT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT tutoring
  • Online CFA tutoring
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