French Language Tutoring

Need help with French speaking or writing skills? We can help with everything from middle school French to AP French to advanced college level French courses.

Our French Language tutors have extensive experience assisting students, young and old, with French grammar, speaking and pronunciation, and writing and editing compositions. All of MyGuru’s language tutors are fluent and well versed with real knowledge on how to strategically develop your own French language skills. MyGuru’s French tutors are strong communicators, and are capable of breaking down complex concepts with a focus on teaching the core concepts you need to learn (vs. doing the work for you). Also browse our team of tutors to read more about qualified individuals in other subjects.

Here’s an example MyGuru French tutor, Adam S.:

  • B.A. obtained from Cornell University
  • M.S obtained from City College of New York
  • M.A and Ph.D obtained from Brown University
  • Has extensive experience teaching ESL for many years
  • Has extensive experience teaching French language and German Language

We have French tutors available in Chicago, New York, Boston, and many other cities. We also offer online French tutoring using a simple yet highly effective online tutoring system that produces a PDF of the notes from the electronic whiteboard after each session.

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