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MyGuru is a tutoring company in LA focused on working with high school, college, and graduate school students in a 1-1 setting. We began offering tutoring services in the Los Angeles area in 2011. We've built a small team of experienced tutors in LA who are academically accomplished, have graduated from some of the most prestigious schools in the U.S., and most importantly, are passionate about helping high school, college, and graduate school students succeed in school and on standardized tests.

Our experienced math, science, and test prep instructors can meet you in a public place or, in many cases, in your home.

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Our Los Angeles Tutoring Team

We have a small, growing, highly experienced team of academic coaches in the Los Angeles area. Our typical instructor has:

  • An undergraduate and/or graduate degree from a highly selective university
  • At least three years of tutoring experience
  • A 95th percentile score or better on any standardized test for which they are teaching

We keep our network of tutors in any given city small - we only want to work with the best available private tutors in Los Angeles. For an idea of the type of tutors we work with, browse our Tutor Team. You can also visit the specific pages below to view our:

  • ACT tutors in Los Angeles
  • SAT tutors in Los Angeles
  • GMAT tutors in Los Angeles
  • GRE tutors in Los Angeles
  • LSAT tutors in Los Angeles

What types of tutoring services are available in Los Angeles?

We offer private tutoring for:

  • Most major standardized tests and professional certification exams, including GMAT, LSAT, GRE, MCAT, CFA, CPA, ACT/SAT and many more
  • All major academic subjects for college and high school students, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, foreign languages, Statistics, Psychology, English and many more
  • Our LA tutoring options also include graduate level and professional academic coaching in a wide range of subjects, from finance and economics to organic chemistry, nursing, and more
  • If we don't have an in-person tutor available, we can handle almost any subject or test via our unique approach to online tutoring.

Where are we located?

MyGuru tutors always meet you at a mutually agreed upon location, such as a cafe, your home or a local library. We will work with your schedule and location preferences, making it most convenient for you when we can.  to save overhead costs, which saves you both time and money. Our Los Angeles tutors travel in order to make it as convenient as possible for the student.

Our Los Angeles address is:

MyGuru - Los Angeles
6300 W 83rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

These are administrative offices only. Almost all tutoring takes place in public locations, students' homes, or online.

How much will a private tutor in Los Angeles cost?

We believe we offer a rare mix of high quality tutors and affordable prices.  We charge between $45 and $125 per hour for tutoring in Los Angeles. We then offer 5, 10, or 15% discounts for investing in 5, 10, or 15 hours in advance, and we do refund unused hours as well.  So you're never "locked in" to a large purchase of hours. Our goal is to empower you to improve your academic performance, not make you dependent on continually investing in tutoring support.

Our Pricing page has additional information.

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