Mandarin Language Tutoring

Need help with your Mandarin skills? Consider a Mandarin tutor from MyGuru.

Our Mandarin Language tutors have extensive experience assisting students, young and old, with Mandarin grammar, speaking and pronunciation, and writing and editing compositions. All of MyGuru’s language tutors are fluent and well versed with real knowledge on how to strategically develop your own Mandarin Language skills.

Our tutors are strong communicators, and are capable of breaking down complex concepts with a focus on teaching the core concepts you need to learn (vs. doing the work for you).

Meet Yiming, an example Mandarin tutor in Chicago:

  • B.A. in Hospitality Management
  • High diploma in Chinese LIterature
  • Diploma in Chinese Education
  • Chartered Certified Accountant (equivalent to CPA)
  • Has over six years of tutoring Mandarin Chinese (Reading, Oral, and Written skills)

Yiming has more than six years of teaching experience in languages (both Chinese and English as a second language).

Here are Yiming’s thoughts on the process of teaching and learning Mandarin:

“My objective is to teach students how to use key language tools to build up students' confidence. Once students know the rules, they will be able to learn the language independently. My teaching style is people-oriented, not robotic.

Students will be required to prepare themselves before coming to the class. I will give student personal evaluations periodically to measure his/her progress. We will design the course together, so as to understand what students are most interested in. Students should be prepared for the first few classes, as it is going to be intensive but manageable. Students will learn Pinyin, as a fundamental tool to be able to read and pronounce. Students will be required to practice writing and composing sentences and dialogues. I have separate courses designed for each age group.”

We have Mandarin tutors in New York, Chicago, Boston, and other cities. We also offer online Mandarin tutoring.

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