GRE Tutoring Reviews

Below are reviews from previous students who've worked with us.

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Colin C. was admitted to top foreign policy programs with his GRE scores:
I just wanted to write and thank you for all the time spent tutoring. I was able to get into foreign policy programs at Columbia, John Hopkins, Georgetown, University of Texas, American, George Washington, and am currently on the waitlist at Harvard. I don't think any of this could have been done without my GRE scores. 
Katie R. found her tutoring experience to be most helpful in holding her accountable: 
My experience with Steve was great overall. The best part was his flexibility in schedule and meeting spot. While he was a good tutor, the most helpful aspect for me was someone holding me accountable to consistently study / take practice tests. 
Ariel H. was happy with his score improvement:
I found MyGuru and Michael to be excellent. I really enjoyed the entire process. From scheduling the sessions and the payment, to Michael's terrific tutoring and guidance, I would happily recommend My Guru to anyone. 

Aleks B. was accepted into the programs he was working toward:

I was satisfied with my score and due to my own time constraints for applications to graduate programs I wasn't able to take it twice. Nonetheless, I was accepted into a few PsyD programs and MA programs with the GRE score I received, so I'm very happy about that. Working with Michael was wonderful, I was very fortunate that we worked so well together right off the bat. 

My experience with with MyGuru couldn't have been any better, I have recommended your service to many of my peers and close friends when they asked who helped prepare me for the GRE. 

Thank you so much for everything!

Sarah M. saw a significant score improvement:

I took the exam last week and scored pretty well! 315 total. 158 verbal, 157 quant. I'm not sure what my original scores were but I believe they were under 300 total and I know the math was in the low 140', quite an improvement! I enjoyed the sessions with Dylan, he was very helpful. 

Laura H.'s daughter was able to get into a fully funded PhD program:

"My daughter's tutors were fantastic... Working with a tutor, and her own hard work in preparing for the GRE, my daughter was able to raise her score significantly. She was accepted into a fully funded PhD program. It is not "cheap" to do this but by comparison to other programs it is far less expensive...Considering the result, funding for 6 years, it is a bargain! So much is at stake with these tests, don't let the extra expense sabotage your dreams."

J.M. was able to raise his Quantitative score:

"My focus was specifically to bring up my GRE quantitative score. Ultimately, [my tutor] worked to raise my math score - and then be done with the painful GRE process forever! He was helpful, good-humored, and extremely encouraging throughout the process."

Erich H. was able to score over 95% on the Quantitative section:

"My tutoring sessions with MyGuru were absolutely critical in improving my potential GRE scores, especially in the math section. My share of correct responses in the quantitative section of several GRE practice tests moved from about 70% to over 95%.
My experience with MyGuru was excellent. My tutor was not only supremely knowledgeable, but also conscientious, patient and an extremely talented teacher. He went above and beyond to make sure I fully understood the material and was a pleasure to work with. While my tutor's quantitative skills far exceeded my own sub-par math abilities, he was tremendously patient and careful never to make me feel self-conscious. His tutoring and encouragement tremendously boosted my own confidence about my potential GRE scores."

Amanda P. was able to raise her score by 5 points:

"My GRE score went up five points on exam day and I got into both of my top two doctoral programs. I couldn't have done it without MyGuru!"

Joshua C. was able to increase his speed, and his score jumped above the 310 mark:

"My tutor provided a nice roadmap of shortcuts, because we identified that my largest problem was the speed with which I cruised through the test, especially the math portion. If I hadn't implemented some of what she had shown me, perhaps I would have dropped under the 310 mark, which does make a difference. She did a good job helping me."

Gina M. raised her score by 13 points:

"My tutor was the absolute BEST person in every way. When I expressed embarrassment at my low original scores, he reassured me that my score was not reflective of who I was in any way.... It freed me to ask all questions and not be ashamed because I wanted to look smart. My tutor was patient and could explain things to me as often as I needed without judgements. After two weeks of working with my tutor, I raised my score 13 points! That's how clear and thorough his instruction was...I have recommended this service to two other people and they tell me they are just as happy. Bottom line: I will use them again and I would recommend them to anyone who asks!" 

Jane D. had a positive experience working with a knowledgeable tutor:

"What I really like about MyGuru is that it's individualized tutoring, where your skill level and knowledge is addressed. I had a very positive experience with MyGuru and recommended to friends and family as well. Mark, the founder, was always prompt in responding to emails and very helpful. He introduced me to a tutor who was a knowledgeable and excellent... I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is debating about doing business with them." 

Lauren B. was able to increase her score:

"I recently took the GRE. John was a HUGE help with the quantitative section of it. We worked on practice tests together after I took them. I would recommend him to anyone going to take the GRE or GMAT."

Lyuba D. was able to raise her Quantitative score from the bottom 3rd percentile to the 52nd:

"MyGuru is an excellent test prep service. John was absolutely wonderful. I am terrible at math and was very discouraged in my ability to get an acceptable score on the GRE Quant section. I took a practice test on my own prior to getting in touch with MyGuru and scored in the bottom 3rd percentile. I was at a point where I thought I wouldn't be able to go to graduate school and obtain my dream job.

When I met with John, he conducted an initial assessment of my math skills and created an ordered study plan for which areas to target. He recommended study materials that provided approachable explanations of the concepts and I was able to develop a much better grasp on my math skills.

I am writing this review now, a few days after receiving an acceptance letter from an amazing graduate program I will be attending next fall. As of my score, thanks to John, I went from BOTTOM 3rd percentile to 52nd percentile. I am grateful to MyGuru for providing such excellent services."

Dee M. got the score she needed to be accepted into her desired grad programs:

"I'm absolutely terrible at math and hadn't studied it in 7-8 years. I did about 8 math sessions with Tara, in preparation for taking the GRE last October. I got the exact score I needed and was accepted into 8/9 schools I applied to."

Hannah M. realized that studying for the GRE can be fun:

"MyGuru was awesome. I could not have done well on the GRE without Mark and Steve. Mark was quick to get back to me, made payment straight-forward and easy, and linked me with Steve. Steve was always flexible, meeting me at whatever location was most convenient for me for whatever amount of time I needed that day. He's interesting and fun to talk to, but always professional and made good use of my time. I saw my scores increase and studying for the GRE even became fun! Will recommend to all friends and family in need of a tutor."

Pam P. increased her score by 8 points in only 4 hours:

"I did not want to hire a tutor and I definitely did not want to pay for a block of hours and worry I wouldn't be refunded. All my worries and apprehensions were proved wrong. Using MyGuru was an excellent experience for GRE math tutoring. In 4 hours of tutoring, my score went up 8 points. I was reluctant to do online tutoring; however, was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was using google video and an online whiteboard. There were plenty of visuals and an inexpensive online book we shared so it was easy to follow along. I had 1.5 hours of tutoring left that was also easy to get refunded for. Everything from the first point of contact to the refund was seamless. I would recommend MyGuru to anyone in need of a tutor and would return if I need a tutor again."

Edna S. excelled on the GRE:

"I highly recommend this service! I had Sonam as a tutor for my GRE test prep. He was very helpful, patient, and flexible. I definitely would not have done as well on my exam without MyGuru!"

Katie L. had success reaching her target score:

"I worked with John to prepare for taking the GRE for a second time. At my request, we focused solely on the quantitative section and his study tools and methods of preparation were very useful. The homework week to week was rigorous and useful, and over time I definitely noticed improvements. I recommend waiting to meet with John before you purchase study materials, as he has good recommendations for which providers to use and you will likely be asked to purchase those materials, regardless of what you had before. That said, he's very flexible and let me borrow some of the prep books that he has. In general, John is a very smart guy who understands the correct approach to achieving success on the GRE."

Emily R. increased her confidence before test day:

"My score has been gradually increasing since working with Stefan. I still have to take the exam but feel very confident going into it. I am just so grateful to have found MyGuru! I couldn't believe how fast you got back to me after my initial inquiry, and how quickly I was set up with Stefan with my lessons. The process has made the test so much less daunting."

Nicole M. found tutoring that fit into her budget:

"I am terrible at learning in classroom settings, and when I looked into private tutoring for GRE testing everything was 2000-3000 dollars.When I encountered MyGuru I felt like I hit the jackpot. 15 sessions for about 1200 dollars, maybe even less.You get to choose your tutor and I personally liked Sonam. I ended up only using 10 of those sessions and received a refund for the 5 sessions I did not use. Loved the service online from Mark. Super quick to respond to emails and very courteous. He even helped me out when I had a credit card issue. I highly recommend them!"

Mary C. received strategies to achieve the score she wanted: 

"I had a wonderful experience with MyGuru. I wanted a private tutor to help prepare for the GRE. I am extremely satisfied with my score. My tutor, Chris, was great. We met twice a week. He sent me a practice GRE to take before our first session and then we evaluated my weaknesses at our first meeting. I am very weak in Math and I ended up scoring higher in Quantitative Reasoning than in Verbal! Chris was very easy to understand. Took his time in explaining each concept and was very reliable and smart! He gave me great strategies to help achieve the score I wanted. The company is not pushy and does not try to sell you more products or extra sessions that you do not want. They are very fairly priced too. A WONDERFUL COMPANY! I wish I had used them for the ACT four years ago. I gave their name to my cousin and she is using Chris now too! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MYGURU! My family has used many other tutoring companies for the ACT, GRE, and DAT. THIS IS THE BEST ONE AROUND!"

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