ACT Tutoring Reviews

Below are reviews from previous students who've worked with us.

Barb M.'s daughter found tutoring effective and valuable:

My daughter has worked with Tanner for ACT prep. I can tell you that she feels the tutoring has been worthwhile enough to squeeze into her busy schedule and that she plans to schedule more sessions with Tanner after she takes the ACT next week and knows what areas she wants to focus on. From my daughter's feedback, I would recommend Tanner to others.

Zandra D.'s son pulled his score up by 4 points: 

"My son was able to pull his ACT score up by 4 points and he strongly believes it was a result of the tutoring with MyGuru. This was our first experience with tutoring and I will say MyGuru has set a high standard and has us spoiled. The tutor was excellent with his delivery of the materials to my son and keeping me in the loop after each of their sessions... My son had such a positive experience with MyGuru that he would like to consider them again for future tutoring needs if they ariese. Overall, we had a very positive experience working with MyGuru." 

Bruce T.'s daughter saw a six point increase:

"My daughter's ACT score went up six points after the tutoring started. We were very pleased with the outcome and realize this was a big jump that is not normal but is achievable with hard work.

Mary F. achieved large increases in her scores in only 2 weeks:

"My original ACT score was a 28, and after 2 weeks of tutoring, I got a 30! My math section went from a 24 to a 29." 

Kathie M.'s daughter improved her math skills for the ACT & a Pre-Calculus class:

"I contacted MyGuru on my daughter's behalf when she needed a math tutor to help her prepare for the ACT exam and with a difficult online pre-calculus class.  Mark, who was very prompt at addressing my inquiry and extremely professional, referred us to Sonam.  Sonam turned out to be an excellent match for my daughter.  He clearly has a lot of experience tutoring, as he was able to quickly diagnose my daughter's problem areas and focus in on them in order to maximize the short time they had before the exam and the deadline to finish the math class.  He was also able to connect well with a typical teenage student who has a limited attention span (especially for her least favorite subject) and a not-yet-complete cognitive understanding of how complex math relates to real-world situations.  My daughter definitely improved her skills, attention to detail and efficiency in solving problems while working with Sonam.  His instruction will carry through her future math learning."

Marcia K.'s daughter saw her Science score dramatically improve:

"I just wanted to touch base and tell you Maddie got her scores for the ACT test she took earlier this month. Thanks to the prep classes, she was able to bring her score up to a 33, with a dramatic improvement in Science, just like Mike said he thought would happen. She is totally thrilled with her score, and confident it is high enough for the schools she plans to apply to. Thanks for all of your help!"

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