Sonam Singh, Senior English & Test Prep Tutor

Sonam is a MyGuru tutor with over ten years experience tutoring students in the GRE, SAT, and LSAT exams. He is a flexible teacher who is also fully qualified to tutor all standardized tests as well as English. Many of the tutors at MyGuru are similar to Sonam, effective at improving students' performance in many areas due to their expansive expertise and experience. He is a well-rounded individual who understands that everyone is unique in their learning style and in the techniques that will motivate and encourage them to work towards positive results. Sonam is based in New York City - you can click here to read more about our tutors in that speciifc area.

Sonam received a degree in English from Haverford College in Pennsylvania and then went on to earn his MA and PhD in English Language and Literature from Cornell University. He received 99th percentile scores on the GRE, SAT, and LSAT exams. These impressive credentials fit with MyGuru's strict adherence to tutor quality; and with ten years of experience in addition to his academic background, Sonam continues to serve our customers well and produce favorable results.

Before coming to work for MyGuru, he tutored privately and also part-time with the well-known test prep company, Kaplan. He has worked with hundreds of students for thousands of hours on standardized exams, and has a track record of positive feedback on the experience. 

Along with Sonam, MyGuru has a group of individuals with similar backgrounds who have showed a strong ability in tutoring effectively for standardized exams. Visit our various standardized exam pages below to request a tutor in your specific desired location and test subject.

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