Stefan N., Social Studies, ACT, and GRE Tutor

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Stefan graduated magna cum laude from Macalaster College with a degree in Philosophy. He has over 5 years of experience as a teacher, tutor, TA, and as a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. As a tutor, Stefan has worked with students of all ages on academic essay writing, Philosophy, History, and English as a second language. He has also taught ACT and GRE test prep, particularly the Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing sections to non-native speakers of English. Stefan is also fluent in Spanis

Students love to work with Stefan because of his patient use of dialogue to adjust the pace and style of tutoring sessions to student's individual needs and abilities. His attention to detail with regard to word choice, structure, and arguments helps students improve their essays substantially, and his knack for breaking down complex ideas into simpler concepts helps demystify philosophical topics for beginner and advanced students alike.


Test scores: GRE: 334, ACT: 34



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