Our Locations

MyGuru currently provides 1-1 in-person tutoring in nine cities, as well as online tutoring to students across the world.

We were founded in Chicago, IL in 2009. 

Today, our team of educators in Chicago (and most suburbs) is among the most experienced, academically and professionally accomplished, and generally impressive that you’ll find.  If you’re considering in-person tutoring in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. 

Building on our success in Chicago, in 2011 we branched out to several additional cities, including:

We maintain the same standards for tutor experience and quality in these cities as we do in Chicago, and the same management team is responsible for these cities as well.  So, if you’re located in the one of the above cities, email us at info@myguruedge.com, call us at 312-278-0321, or fill out a form to begin the process of finding a tutor.

Online Tutoring

If you aren’t located in one of the above cities, or even if you are but are interested in leveraging the convenience of online tutoring, we also work with students via Skype and WebEx.  We encourage you to consider online tutoring from MyGuru as well.