MyGuru GRE Tutoring Process & Curriculum

While it is certainly true that you wouldn't study for the GRE in the same way you might cram for a midterm in an undergraduate academic course, this exam is not an IQ test and can be prepared for by anyone. All you'll need is personal diligence and the right trainer. No matter your academic background, with the right preparation students at all levels of GRE proficiency are capable of achieving 5, 10, and yes, even 15 point score improvements in both the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the exam.

Of course there is no shortage of GRE tutoring options, from unproven independent instructors to cookie-cutter classroom or online instruction delivered the same way every time by massive corporations. It can be overwhelming trying to determine the right path to get the score you need. That's where MyGuru and our team of proven GRE instructors come in. We know the questions to ask as well as the content and test-taking strategies to cover. We are experts at helping students develop a highly personalized GRE study plan to get ready for test day, not just a one-size-fits all plan based on the brand of textbook you bought. And while private GRE tutoring is a significant investment, we offer a best in class tutoring option at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Your Tutor  Asks the Right Questions

Whether you choose to prep for the GRE in-person or online, each MyGuru tutor is equipped to immediately identify and address every student's specific needs. This means that instruction is focused on relevant content areas to quickly maximize improvement. Your tutor will begin by reaching out via email within 24-hours of being assigned to determine your:

  • Previous prep for the GRE
  • Prior GRE scores (official and/or unofficial)
  • Familiarity with the exam content
  • Time available each week for study
  • Schedule for taking the official exam
  • Relevant strengths and weaknesses
  • Target schools and score goals

Our instructors also understand that excelling at the GRE is a developed skill, and not a matter of rote memorization. In the initial session, and in every subsequent lesson, your instructor will model exactly how to approach the problems so that you know the methodology for every question you'll see on test day.

Your Curriculum — Precisely Focused on GRE Content

Every MyGuru tutor has experience with a variety of third-party prep materials and has ultimately reached the same conclusion  the best resource is the official one. For that reason, we recommend that every student get the Official Guide to the GRE General Test to cover the exact content from the exam. Nothing more, nothing less.

While content and concept mastery are important, the GRE is ultimately a test of logic and critical thinking. Sometimes, working out an algebraic formula is the fastest way to answer a GRE question. Other times, it's the slowest. MyGuru GRE tutors will equip you with multiple approaches to just about every problem by focusing on a mix of concept review and proven test-taking strategies.

Your Study Plan — Tailored to Every Student

The amount of time spent on any given content area, question type, or strategy will be determined by your level of proficiency. If you require extra work somewhere, you will get it. If you are already skilled in a specific topic, we won't waste time covering something you already understand. An eight-week course is recommended for many students, but that approach is highly adaptable to ensure that you are comfortable with all of the material on the GRE. Some students study for the exam in four weeks, others take twelve or sixteen. And again, we require our students regularly take full, timed practice exams to track progress and identify areas to review. Ultimately, tutoring from MyGuru is tailored to you, but relies on proven tactics that have led to admissions at top graduate schools worldwide. 

Check out this sample 30-day GRE study plan and consider which topics you might want to cover in-depth.

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