Rakhi A., Senior Math & Test Prep Tutor

Rakhi is one of our most experienced tutors. She has a passion for helping students meet their academic goals that is inspiring and infectious. MyGuru has had many students meet or achieve beyond their expectations after spending time with Rakhi. Having earned a Bachelor's degree in Applied Math and Philosophy from Columbia University, she is a teacher-in-training with years of tutoring experience with all K-12 subjects and SAT/ACT test prep. Rakhi is based in Austin - you can click here to learn more about our tutors in that particular city.

It is important to MyGuru and our tutors that they have practical knowledge in their respective subject areas. Rakhi has taken more than seven AP exams in English, Science, Math, and Spanish and achieved at least a 4 on all of them. She also attained standardized exam scores in the 99th and 97th percentiles, including a perfect score on the Math section of the SAT.

Rakhi's experience is extensive. She was a tutor for over six years in private, volunteer, and school-based/classroom settings, both in Connecticut and in the NYC metropolitan area. Her broad experience with various types of students allows her to effectively instruct both struggling and advanced individuals.

She is most qualified to tutor Math (all levels through college) and SAT/SAT II test prep. However, Rakhi is also fully capable to tutor Spanish (through high school) and Science.

Along with Rakhi, MyGuru has a group of individuals with similar backgrounds who have showed a strong ability in tutoring Mathematics, test prep, and Spanish effectively. Visit our various pages below to request a tutor in your specific desired location and subject.

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