Chris C., Senior Social Studies & Test Prep Tutor

Chris is an experienced Social Studies teacher with a passion for many topics within that broad subject area. He has been known to inspire students' interest and achievement in history, government/civics, economics, geography, sociology/anthropology, and psychology. As a former instructor, Chris knows how to motivate students and encourage them to think in new ways that will serve them beyond classrooms and scholastic tests. 

Chris received his Bachelor's degree in History & Social Studies Education from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. He went on to earn a Master's and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction for Social Studies from the University of Minnesota. He is a highly trained educator, making him a valuable asset to the MyGuru team of Minneapolis tutors.

Chris has another teaching strength - test prep. His personal test scores are recorded below: 

ACT - 32 (98th percentile)
GRE - Verbal Reasoning - 167/170, Quantitative Reasoning - 152/170, Analytical Writing - 5.5/6

He spent time working for a professional test preparation company teaching GRE prep classes. The sessions lasted six weeks, covering the basics of the GRE, test psychology, and content review. Chris planned and oversaw the classes himself. He is very familiar with the types of questions students' will run into on the GRE and how to strategically take the test to the best of one's ability, taking into account weaknesses, strengths, and learning/test-taking style.

Chris also worked with students one-on-one on college entrance SAT and ACT prep. Similar to his GRE background, Chris is well-versed in the larger picture strategies students' can master to acheive the best possible scores. He has advised customers on college admissions essay writing as well - giving students the tools to stand out and impress admissions offices. In an increasingly competitive environment, this is a very helpful skill to have in a tutor when you or your child is applying to college.

Overall, Chris is an experienced Social Studies educator with a strong background in test prep. He works particularly well with students looking to develop their analytical writing and critical thinking skills although he enjoys working with anyone willing to learn and improve, not matter what the subject area.

Along with Chris, MyGuru has a group of individuals with similar backgrounds who have showed a strong ability in tutoring Social Studies subjects and college test prep effectively. Visit our various pages below to request a tutor in your specific desired location and subject.

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