Working with a Private NCLEX Tutor: Instructor Perspective

We asked two of our most experienced private NCLEX tutors to describe why students seek NCLEX tutoring, how a tutor can add value to their experienced, and what students can do to get the most out of the experience.

Ann L., BSN, PNP, LMHC, nursing subject tutor, NCLEX tutor, and Nurse Practitioner exam tutor (she is the tutor featured on our primary NCLEX tutoring page)  –

What do students describe as the typical reasons they are considering an NCLEX tutor?

 I often work with repeat exam takers who have failed multiple times despite getting good grades in nursing school. Many of the schools do not teach strategy for exam question techniques and there are many schools that are way too new to be accredited and their programs are not strong enough for students to pass the exam. Many students have not learned the critical thinking that is needed to be able to pass the NCLEX exam and frankly, to take care of patients out in the field. 

Many of the students come to me saying that their content knowledge is very good but when I start working with them there are many holes in their learning. Concepts that they should've learned long ago are not clear to them, terminology is not always familiar to them. They come to tutoring feeling like failures and wanting to give up.

But the reality is, once they learn strategies for answering questions and improve their content knowledge they are much better prepared for taking the exam. 

What structure do you provide to students? How do you recommend they approach studying for the NCLEX?

The structure I provide students is two weekly sessions for 90 minutes each with instructions for studying in between sessions. This provides them with accountability and a plan for studying. Some students are just not organized or motivated enough to do it themselves.

What I tell students is that I am going to challenge them during the time that I'm working with them because I want to make sure that they understand the concepts behind the correct answers and the incorrect answers. This builds self-confidence which then translates to confidence during the exam.

Students need to have an open mind and be willing to work hard during our tutoring time together, be curious about things that they do not know and strive to be a better nurse overall.

Mary Ann, BSN, MSN: nursing subject tutor and NCLEX tutor -

Mary Ann is an RN with a Master’s Degree as an Advanced Practice nurse and 30 years of beside acute care experience. She has 5 years teaching in the RN programs and has tutored many NCLEX students (she offers both in-persona and online NCLEX tutoring).

What advice would you give NCLEX students who are beginning to prepare for the NCLEX?

  1. structure of study habits is vital and takes a while before they fully engage
  2. planning to answer a question takes skill and practice
  3. use appropriate resource text books and don’t rely on review books
  4. study material for exams provided by tutor- take exams- review missed material-repeat
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