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Online GMAT or GRE tutoring is more convenient and can even be more effective than in-person tutoring.

Our customized private online GMAT (or GRE) prep leverages The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2020 Bundle (Official Guide + Verbal Guide + Quantitative Guide) if you are taking the GMAT and the Official Guide to the GRE if you are taking the GRE. If you need help deciding which is best for you, we can help you figure that out before, during, or after your initial free diagnostic session (more on that below).

Our GMAT and/or GRE tutoring approach begins with a diagnostic session. This session is then used to create a customized study plan designed to help build upon each student's strengths and address key weaknesses, while incorporating official practice GMAT exams to track progress. An online whiteboard is saved and turned into PDF notes that you can review after each GMAT or GRE tutoring session.

By filling out the form below and mentioning Management in the "tell us more about your situation" section, you will receive a free 30 minute diagnostic online tutoring session. This is a unique offer made only to referrals from Management Consulted.

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How Studying Online for the GMAT or GRE Works

We believe that group classes provide little more than what's found in self-study materials, that 1-on-1 tutoring provides a superior method of instruction, and that the large test prep firms have made 1-on-1 instruction unnecessarily expensive.. We also believe that our approach to online instruction provides a more effective an intuitive experience than anything else in the online test prep market. After each session our students get two texts to review — The Official Guide and a digital copy of that day's whiteboard filled with notes and tips specifically tailored to their situation.

GMAT Problem Solving

Our GRE Tutoring Process

Our GRE tutors all follow a basic process, but one which is tailored to every student. Before the first session, students are asked to purchase the Official Guide to the GRE General Test and complete a practice test to identify strengths and weaknesses.  The first session involves a review of this diagnostic test, an overview of each section and question type covered on the GRE, and development of a customized study plan. This is followed by a series of sessions in which strategies for each section of the GRE are reviewed and practice problems are completed. To request more information, please fill out the form below.

Customized GRE or GMAT Tutoring from an Expert Tutor

We have a growing team of trained online experts, but much of our online GMAT tutoring is delivered by a true GMAT expert, MyGuru's Director of Online Tutoring, Stefan. His background includes:

  • BA, University of Southern California
  • MS, Northwestern University
  • 14+ years of test-prep tutoring experience with large, nationally recognized test-prep firms (and now, MyGuru)
  • Consistently achieves 99th percentile GRE and GMAT scores on official exams and unofficial exams administered by Princeton Review
  • Dozens of previous GMAT students have scored 700+ gaining acceptance into top business schools such as University of Chicago - Booth and Harvard Business School
  • Experience teaching all levels also placing students at mid-tier institutions such as Wake Forest and Villanova 
  • Expert at all sections of the GMAT and GRE, including the most recent versions of the exam
  • Has his own proprietary study schedules, worksheets, and approach to delivering online GRE and GMAT tutoring effectively

Stefan will assess your starting point and help you develop a customized study plan to prepare as efficiently and effectively as possible. 


After the free initial diagnostic session, our base hourly rate for private GRE or GMAT tutoring is $99, with 5, 10, or 15% discounts for investing in 5, 10, or 15 hours in advance. That's a long term rate of $99 × 85% = $84.15 per hour. 

We encourage you to check around for a better value. Typical hourly rates for 1-1 online GMAT or GRE tutoring from an instructor like Stefan can run well above $250 at other companies

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