GMAT Tutoring Reviews

Below are reviews from previous students who've worked with us.

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Alex S. raised his score by 80 points in 8 weeks - 

I worked with Stefan for two months and was able to raise my GMAT score 80 points in order to apply to competitive MBA programs. MyGuru's virtual tutoring service was great and helpful for someone who is always on the road. I couldn't recommend Stefan enough. He will work with you to identify your opportunity areas and make those your strengths. Thank you!

Jessie S. improved her score in a few short weeks - 

Stefan was awesome! I contacted him within three weeks of my GMAT, and he managed to bring up my score substantially within two and a half weeks. I especially liked his notes for when I needed to go back to review. He brought up my Verbal from the 40th to 76th percentile. I would definitely use him again. Very affordable, very high quality. I went from a 650 to a 690 in a very tight timeframe.

Harshita V. achieved her target score of 740 - 

I contacted MyGuru in 2017 in order to obtain help with the sentence correction portion on the verbal side of the GMAT. Up until that point I had tried several months of self-study and my practice test score had plateaued at around 680-690. My target was 730-740. So there was definitely a gap to bridge. 
My lessons with Stefan started almost right away and the approach he taught me was much easier to understand than what was presented in the usual GMAT guide books (several of which I had read over multiple times, and failed to implement successfully). He gave me plenty of homework and question drills and the weekly assignments put pressure on me to get things done outside of the tutoring session. We also reviewed whatever I didn't understand during our weekly sessions. I started getting much higher scores on the GMATPrep practice tests after a couple of weeks of tutoring which gave me confidence in Stefan's approach.
I took the GMAT after a lag (I took some time off because work got very busy) and obtained a 710. It was lower than my target but a lot of that had to do with my load at work leading up to the GMAT. I took a break for a couple of months and then I started again. I prepped consistently for about 6 weeks, using the same techniques Stefan taught me and doing timed question drills on a daily basis and taking practice tests at the end of each week, I took the test a second time and obtained a score of 740, which was my target.
Overall, I would recommend Stefan's tutoring services and MyGuru to anyone who wants help improving their score on the GMAT

Lindsey A. surpassed her goal of a 720 - 

I couldn't have asked for a better experience with MyGuru. Prior to MyGuru, I initially used a Manhattan Prep self-study program to prepare for the GMAT exam and was able to score a 680. I wasn't satisfied with this score and was looking to push higher up to my goal of 720. I reached out to MyGuru for additional tutoring and Mark immediately paired me with Stefan. 
I worked with Stefan through videoconferencing, which was a very easy and convenient way to receive tutoring. I would highly recommend using this option as you can receive tutoring anywhere (Starbucks, work office, home, etc.) and is very useful for people with a full-time job or a busy schedule. Stefan created a customized schedule for me based on my needs and we did a crash course refresher over a month-long period in order to push my score into the higher percentiles. I enjoyed working with Stefan and he was very flexible with my schedule as I had to change a few scheduled times due to work conflicts. In addition, Stefan provided me with structured assignments and unique test taking tips that were much different than the standard Manhattan Prep tips I had learned. I appreciated this different way of thinking as it helped me feel more comfortable with the exam and improved my overall test taking abilities. Stefan is strong in both categories (Quant and Verbal) which was very beneficial as he had specific tips for each section. He specifically helped me to improve my overall timing, critical reasoning skills, sentence correction methodology, and data sufficiency abilities. 
Ultimately, I far surpassed my goal of 720 and received a 760. I am more than pleased and very appreciative of the help that Stefan and MyGuru provided to me. I highly recommend test takers try MyGuru instead of the general test-taking companies as you get more bang for your buck and a personalized experience which can lead to highly successful results, as shown in my case! 

Abraham B. improved his confidence on the Verbal portion of the exam - 

I did 4 sessions of virtual tutoring with MyGuru and will definitely recommend to anyone. I needed help on the Verbal portion for the GMAT and my tutor helped me out tremendously. They were flexible with scheduling and accommodating to the best method for me to learn. I haven't worked with a tutor in-person before, but honestly I didn't see any drawbacks or downfalls by doing the tutoring virtually. Two thumbs up! 

Ken S. finally got over the 700 threshold with Stefan's help - 

I worked with MyGuru, specifically with Stefan, to prepare for my re-take of the GMAT. I had already taken the online prep course from another provider and had a score in the high 600s. I spent nearly half of my life outside the U.S. and was aware that I needed to improve my Verbal skills to finally break the 700 barrier. I decided to work with a private tutor since I was already aware of my weakness and needed a more personalized approach to studying. I sent inquiries to multiple providers but decided to go with MyGuru in the end because they were very prompt with their responses, had good reviews online, and had a flexible schedule through their remote sessions. It was not easy at first because I was accustomed to different strategies that I learned from the other prep course, but Stefan showed me a number of useful methods that proved to be effective (e.g. categorization of Sentence Correction problems.) What was the most useful, I think, was the process of explaining to someone what the problems were about, why the right answers were right, and more importantly, why the wrong answers were wrong. After five sessions with Stefan, I was able to increase my Verbal score from 35 to 40 and finally get over the summit of 700 (720: Q48: V40.) I would like to thank him and MyGuru for all their help!

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