CFA Prep Tutoring Reviews

Below are reviews from previous students who've worked with us.

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"My tutor is very knowledgeable. I will be using MyGuru to find a tutor for the CPA exam in the next few months." - Hermando D.

"I think my tutor is definitely helping me focus on the things i need to learn (especially since there is so much content) in a way I would not be able to do in a generalized class. He's also helped me with one of my biggest weaknesses which is focusing on the relevant (and not trying to get ALL the information down) material as well as emphasizing something I didn't do the last go around which was review prior material." - Kristin

"I felt I was very confident on exam day (CFA level 1) because I had taken the time to thoroughly study and understand all the material. The study part I had to do myself. However, there were times when I didn't manage to grasp a particular subject. Sessions with Doug were helpful then as I was able to ask precise questions and get clear explanations that the books were not able to provide. I passed!" - Claire

"I passed!" - Kallan H.

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