Our Perspective

As a boutique, 1-1 tutoring and test prep company, our success is driven by:

  1. Our small but growing team of experienced, generally impressive tutors from some of the best universities in the U.S.
  2. Our ability to listen and understand your situation, and to match you with a tutor that's highly likely to "fit" your subject and location needs and personal learning style
  3. Our customer service, which makes the process of finding a tutor efficient and the tutoring process more effective overall

But our tutors also bring a set of powerful beliefs and perspectives to the tutoring process which further accelerates learning, including the power of the "growth mindset," which stresses that your intelligence is not fixed, but something you can grow and improve over time, and the concept of "deep" or "deliberate" practice, which explains how intelligence is developed through highly -focused, customized, fully engaged, feedback-driven prepartion that builds skill over time.

Here are MyGuru, we believe that we are not born with a set amount of intelligence.  Intelligence, talent, and ability are built over time, and our tutors can play a key role in that process by helping you identify strengths and weakensses, build a customized study plan, explain difficult concepts, and provide real-time, skill building feedback as you practice.

The Power of Practice