ACT Tutoring Reviews

Below are reviews from previous students who've worked with us.

Samantha M. learned test taking strategies to improve her ACT score:

"I had a great experience with MyGuru. Mark was responsive and able to have someone come to my home and tutor me with short notice. I was fortunate to be paired with Ben. He helped me understand several aspects of the ACT test and provided many strategies in approaching the math and science portions. He was easy to work with and incredibly kind. I highly recommend him!"

 Ruth C.'s daughter increased her grades and scores in a variety of subjects:

"I have been using MyGuru since my daughter was in middle school.  She is now a senior in high school and have used various tutors in different subject areas and also for her ACT/SAT test prep.  Mark Skoskiewicz, the founder, is excellent in his quick response to any of my inquiries and also in his promptness in securing a tutor for my daughter.  His fee is very reasonable and fair and his and his tutors' services are worth every penny paid.  I am extremely pleased with Mark and all of his tutors and I highly recommend MyGuru to anyone out there seeking a bit of extra help with academic needs."

 Ellen R.'s daughter achieved a strong score on the ACT and PSAT:

"We were thrilled with our daughter's tutor, Paul, and both he and Mark, the owner, were always responsive to any questions or needs. Paul worked with our daughter, who is now a high school junior, on ACT prep, along with a bit of preparation for the new version of the PSAT administered in October. Because we knew fall would be hectic, we were able to customize a program and arrange twice a week sessions in late summer followed by once a week in the fall. Paul was willing to come to our house, and they developed a great rapport. Best of all, she met her goal with a strong score on the ACT, and she performed really well on the PSAT. The price was reasonable, and the one-on-one tutoring helped her focus on specific strategies to suit her learning style."

Kathie M.'s daughter improved her math skills for the ACT & a Pre-Calculus class:

"I contacted MyGuru on my daughter's behalf when she needed a math tutor to help her prepare for the ACT exam and with a difficult online pre-calculus class.  Mark, who was very prompt at addressing my inquiry and extremely professional, referred us to Sonam.  Sonam turned out to be an excellent match for my daughter.  He clearly has a lot of experience tutoring, as he was able to quickly diagnose my daughter's problem areas and focus in on them in order to maximize the short time they had before the exam and the deadline to finish the math class.  He was also able to connect well with a typical teenage student who has a limited attention span (especially for her least favorite subject) and a not-yet-complete cognitive understanding of how complex math relates to real-world situations.  My daughter definitely improved her skills, attention to detail and efficiency in solving problems while working with Sonam.  His instruction will carry through her future math learning."

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