We recognize private tutoring can be a significant investment, and we want to provide as much information as possible from students who have already chosen to work with us to help you make the best decision possible.  This area of our site can be navigated as follows:

Scroll down or click the below links to read short quotes from previous students.  Any of these students can be contacted as references, and the section is organized by student age and test:

High School Students

Heidi F. – Geometry

Colby has been doing great in school as Colby’s says, “Bill taught me how to learn Geometry”. We couldn’t have been happier with Bill. Please thank him for us. If Colby starts to struggle again with math, we will certainly reach out to My Guru again.

Nathan C. - Parent of Precalc, Physics, and Honors English Student

The session went well and we do intend to use Amit again next week. I just need to work out a day with my daughter. I was impressed by his intelligence and his professionalism. My daughter said that he explained the material well and feels that the session was valuable. Thank you very much for lowering the rate and I will make sure to pay before the session next time.

Mary C. - Parent of Writing Student

Thanks! We will be purchasing more time with Deirdre! She is a wonderful help for Trip. He is feeling much more confident with writing.

Eileen B. - Parent of Writing/Math Student

Thanks, we will probably start again at the end of the summer if Bill is still available. He has been great! Bill was an outstanding tutor. He kept our son focused and diligent in completing Finite math, calculus, and another math class. We liked him so much that he started tutoring our daughter in Geometry as well and she loved him too. We can't say enough great things about Bill.

Michelle S. - Parent of Geometry Student

Terry came last night to help Aram with his final next week. He has been fantastic- thanks so much for the reference. I'm definitely going to stay in touch as Aram goes into junior year, which I'm sure will prove to be challenging.

Elizabeth S. - Parent of Math Student

We really feel good with John and he has made us feel at ease about our choice of tutoring- with just that one hour! I felt so good with the session I have already recommended MyGuru to another parent at our school.

Jacqui - Parent of Physics Student

Amit is a hit!  Woohoo. Success!!  They hit it off and Shiri feels like she will learn a lot with him. 

Thank you. 

Eric K. - Parent of Chemistry Student

One thing I know is that you will be seeing many more of my payments going forward because Bill is a great tutor and my son Eddie is very happy with him.

Thanks again,

Carolyn W. - Parent of Spanish Student

Nasya from MyGuru did a fantastic job with our son, was very flexible to what he needed and around his ability to sit and work for 2 hours straight (they had ping pong breaks).  My husband suggested they ended the sessions with a 2 hour cooking in Spanish lesson- they baked two types of cookies- my son loved it and when she left said he wished he had future sessions set up with her. Thanks so much, we’d highly recommended her. 

Jisu K. - Parent of Student

My wife and Ben met with Mike from MyGuru, they really hit it off!  My wife was really impressed with his overall presentation and, obviously, his credentials.  Ben felt very comfortable with him as well. Thanks, again, for referring Mike to Ben, I am positive that this will only help with Ben's organization and thought process.

Elizabeth S. - Parent of Math Student

I just want you to know how much we LOVE working with John! Maya has so much more confidence with her math skills and less anxiety about being tested on it. Maya never complains about having a "tutor". We can't say enough good things about John and our experience with MyGuru.

I cannot say enough about MyGuru. They offered the personal touch of a small company and the highly qualified tutoring that rivals the big test prep companies. The customer service was excellent and the fees were very reasonable. I would recommend My Guru to any family looking for standardized test prep.

Michelle - Parent of Geometry Student

Terry came last night to help Aram with his final next week. He has been fantastic-thanks so much for the reference. We are done for the summer but I'm definitely going to stay in touch as Aram goes into Junior year, which I'm sure will prove to be challenging!

Mary - Parent of English Composition Student

Trip is planning on continuing with Deirdre through the summer.  She has been a big help for him!

Sarah - AP English Student

Lisa is terrific!  Great fit. I will order a package tomorrow AM. 

Lydia - Parent of High School Entrance Exam Student

Jordan prepared my daughter Mary for her entrance exam for high school. Jordan provided Mary with many testing skills along with covering items that would be on the test. Mary worked very well with Jordan. Mary tested 288 out of 300. We were very happy with results.

Milan - Chemistry and Geometry Student

I got a pretty good grade on both the chem and math finals. They don't give out the exact percentage, but they let me know i did well. So, thanks for that! I'll come to you if i need more help, if that's okay. I also told my friend Julia, who is looking for a geometry tutor, about you and gave her your info.


ACT/SAT Students

Reggie S. – Parent of an ACT Student

My daughter was able to increase her score by three points (27 – 30) with Hntsa’s and MyGuru’s help and now she wants to get some additional help for the upcoming test in December.  Keep up the good work.

Kim B. – Parent of two ACT Students

  • Constance was great.  Cody really enjoyed her – his words were “She is a really good teacher."
  • Vinny felt Bill was not only knowledgeable on every subject but helped him understand the finer points and nuances of each of the tests.

Jill P. - Parent of ACT Student

My daughter enjoyed working with Bill from MyGuru for both ACT Prep and later calculus. His easy-going style helped the process-- not a pressure situation at all. If she didn't understand the explanation the first time, he'd go at it a different way until she understood. After working with Bill, her ACT score improved from 33 to 35 primarily due to the help he provided with her math and science review. Bill also is flexible with rescheduling a session in case there is a conflict. We'd recommend working with Bill and MyGuru. When our son reaches this stage, I'm sure we'll be giving them a call. Thanks!

Leslie D. - Parent of ACT Student

Everything went really well with Mike. He gave my son some good direction already. We are going to continue. Thanks, we were very happy with our tutoring.

Michele O. - Parent of ACT Student

My daughter & Bill worked very well together.  When we first spoke about tutoring her, I was very concerned about her score when she took the ACT for the first time.  She took it in April, with the tutoring from Bill, she went from a 16 to 20!  Her goal is to get a 23~she is focusing more & said Bill really helped in preparing her! Thanks so much!

Gerald V. - Parent of ACT Student

Gerald is the father of a high school student who wanted to increase her ACT score.  They turned to private tutoring in the hopes that with a little personalized teaching and practice with the exam's content, the student would achieve a higher score.

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Thomas - Parent of ACT Student

Scores up today for the Sept 21 test.  Maria got 31 composite!  Very pleased.  32 English, 30 math, 28 reading, 34 (!) science. 

Really appreciate your help.  Big thumbs up.  Recommendations will be given/made.  Thanks. 

Colleen - Parent of ACT Student

Happy New Year to you. My daughter and us (her parents) are so pleased with your company and Mike. Thank you. We will continue to use your company in the future and recommend you as well.

Sofija - ACT Student

I loved Jordan, she was very patient and she always knew what to do to help me understand the material better. Knowing she took the ACT more than once, and knowing that she knew the format of the ACT well was very reassuring.
When I didn't understand something, she never revealed the answer to me, she always made me work through it and arrive to answer myself and that helped me learn a lot better.
I would definitely recommend her!

Anupama - Parent of ACT Student

We are very happy with the tutoring. Payman is awesome!

Anna S. - Parent of ACT Student

Thank you so much for all your work and time spent with Alex. He is very comfortable with you, has learned so much and is a lot more confident now about the ACT.

Karen F. - Parent of ACT Student

Thank you for sending Mike to Kyle for tutoring.  He was terrific.  Very professional and accommodating with his schedule and I know Kyle learned a lot from him.

I will definitely recommend MyGuru to anyone I know who is looking for student tutoring.


College Students

Julie S. – Statistics Parent

“Bianca survived her class and ended up with a B+. 1 point away from an A.   I would definitely recommend MyGuru. Thank you for your assistance.”

Marlaine M. – Organic Chemistry Parent

“It has been such a good experience working with you….Gideon has worked out really well.  Jay has been getting A’s.  Not bad for Organic Chemistry.”

Sarah G. – Organic Chemistry Student

Mary is a fantastic tutor. She is so patient and always stays over the allotted hour–I never feel rushed. Mark provided me with a lot of info about MyGuru, and offered various payment plans. I could not be happier with MyGuru

Carl R. – Physics Student

My conceptual understanding has improved dramatically. Particularly, my comprehension of force vectors and unit conversion has gone from mediocre to thorough. The underlying logic of the principles at work makes sense for the first time, whereas previously the reasons behind those types of problems were not made clear in class or the textbook.

Jeffrey J. - Psychobiology Student

Brian was an excellent instructor on several levels.  I would be hard-pressed to find somebody more competent and knowledgeable about psychobiology or psychopharmacology.

Meg B. - Physics Student

Just wanted to let you know I found out my exam score. I ended up getting a 98%. I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again for all your help!

Donna B. - Accounting Student

I thank you so much. This has been trying for me and you have made it a lot more manageable with your assistance and support.  Thank you so much for sending this information and being so wonderful.

Lisa - Genetics/Biochemistry Student

The session with Amit went great, he was super helpful and prepared. I'm working on studying now. I will send in a payment now. Please let me know if it doesn't go through. We plan on meeting later this week.

Donna - Managerial Accounting

I thank you so much. This has been trying for me and you have made it a lot more manageable with your assistance and support.  Thank you so much for sending this information and being so wonderful.


Graduate School Students

Robin K. – Statistics Student

MyGuru.com was terrific. I had 2 very good tutors from the service and I recommend them highly.

Catherine S. - Series 7 Student

I successfully passed the Series 7 last Thursday and it was all due to the assistance I received from The Series 7 tutoring organization to whom you referred me!  Thank You!!!!

Don P. - Husband of Nursing Student

Thanks for your help. I want to point out that another company wanted a non-cancelable contract up-front without an interview with the prospective tutor. The ethics of your operation are light years ahead of theirs.


GRE Students

Conor S.

I used Mike for nearly 2 months of GRE prep last summer. We began studying together at the end of the old GRE and continued together while I prepared to retake the test with the revised version...

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Lauren B.

I've been getting over the flu. I had the flu while I took the test, so needless to say I didn't do as well as I'd hoped. I got a 311, but that is still higher than my last score, so I'll take it. Also, the increase in my score was in quantitative, so that's good. I won't have time to take the test again, but I wanted to say thank you for all of your help.


By the way, Sonam is an excellent tutor. I couldn't have asked for better help and would  have loved to continue studying with him if I had the time.

Sarah F.

Thank you for your prompt follow up. I guess people's plans frequently change on 3 day weekends like this one. But I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your effectiveness and efficiency throughout the entire process. I will definitely keep you in mind for future needs.

Laura H. - Parent of GRE Student

Last fall my daughter, Lillian, used your services in Chicago for the GRE and they were great.  She is now in a fully funded Phd program at Fordham . The tutors brought up her GRE score significantly.

Gabriel - GRE Student

Gabriel worked with a MyGuru tutor, John W., to try to achieve his best possible score on the GRE exam.  They spent roughly 6 weeks for 4 hours a week reviewing the many topics covered in the test.  With John's experience and knowledge and Gabriel's intelligence and willingness to learn, the student scored higher than ever before.

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Laura - Parent of GRE student

Mark , My daughter's boyfriend is using one of your tutors in New York at my recommendation.  I think he is very pleased with the tutor.  I will (and my daughter will)  recommend your company to anyone. You do a great job at a reasonable price.    


GMAT Students

Holly H. –  Click below to listen to Holly talk about her GMAT experience:

I just took the GMAT this morning and received a fabulous score! I scored a 760 overall with a 49 in Quant and a 45 in Verbal.  Woo Hoo!!!

A big thank you goes out to Jim for helping me overcome specific weaknesses.  I really appreciate your patience and guidance during our tutoring sessions.  You also helped improve my mental math skills and taught me how to think outside of the box on complex questions.  Thank you.

The GMAT books that John recommended were also a huge help.  I think every student trying to score about a 700 should purchase these books.  The GMAT Club questions were also good, but I found they were almost too hard.  The actual test was not nearly as difficult as the GMAT Club quant questions were.  I also found that number properties were a bigger portion of the test than I originally anticipated.  I would suggest students focus on this and not only concentrate on the super tricky word problems.

Amit B. - Click below to listen to Amit talk about his experience with the GMAT:

John helped me get over the hump from the med to high 600s to the low 700s.  My goal had been to score above 710, which would then be considered in the 95th percentile.  In practice tests, I was scoring in the high 600s consistently, with some scores in the 720s and other scores as low as the 660s.  I worked with John on some more advanced topics that I just wasn’t fully understanding by myself.  Before my test, I scored 710 or better three times in a row, which was more consistent than I’d ever been, and gave me confidence.  On test day, I scored a 730.

Matthew D.

Working with John was directly responsible for an average ten point increase in my GMAT-Quant scores.


I love John. I'm very happy working with him and had tried multiple other tutors before settling on working with him. He's incredibly intelligent but, just as important, is able to convey how to solve a problem in addition to just knowing how to himself. I highly recommend him and can provide further details as needed.


LSAT Students

Suzanne A.

“David is fantastic; I’d like to go ahead and purchase his services for four hours this week.  I will also likely be purchasing more hours the next week.”


The session with Saira went well. I felt it was helpful and I look forward to my next sessions with her. The next session is set for Friday though, not Saturday.


MCAT Students

Mellissa G. – MCAT Student

“I would like to sign up for some more tutoring sessions with Kasim.  Can you provide me with a link to pay for 4 sessions?”

Tonisha D. - MCAT Student

"Thank you! You were very accomodating. I would definitely recommend your program to anyone who inquires."


Series 7 Students


I have a colleague who is seeking some tutoring assistance with his GMAT preparation.  He is so impressed with my success in passing the Series 7 with the assist of myseries7tutoring that I am coming to you again for a suggestion as to whom he should contact for guidance.


CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Students

NCLEX (Nursing Certification and Licensure Examination) Students

Katie S. 

I just want to take a minute and tell how much I appreciated Andrew from MyGuru helping me to prepare for my entrance exam for Chamberlain College of Nursing.  Before I met with Andrew, I took a few practice tests from a study guide to prepare for the nursing test provided by HESI (Health Information Systems, Inc.), and I was truly failing on all of the practice tests – literally getting less than half right on each exam, which covered Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology.  After only having less than 2 weeks to prepare for the exam (I just took it this past Wednesday), I did incredibly well, having an overall composite score of 85%!! Unbelievable! I’m so happy! The test was incredibly hard, and I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t have done so well without his support. I am more confident that I will be accepted into Chamberlain.

We have more testimonials and references available – just ask!