Tanner H., Test Prep & English Tutor

headshot-2 copy.jpgTanner is a recent graduate of Northwestern University, where he studied journalism and history. Today, he's tutoring, applying to PhD programs, and working at the magazine In These Times, in addition to other freelance writing. Hobbies include reading 24/7, bike riding, cooking, exploring the city, and doodling.
Tanner has been tutoring since shortly after graduation, as well as informal educational work in his mom's first grade classrooms over the last decade. He has scored highly on the GRE, SAT, and ACT (GRE (166 Qualitative, 159 Quantitative, 6.0 Writing), SAT 2320 (800 Math, 770 Verbal, 750 Writing), ACT 33 (36 English, 34 Reading, 32 Math, 30 Science)). Primary areas of expertise include SAT, ACT, GRE, as well as English, History, and other Social Studies. Whether you're studying for an upcoming test or simply trying to master difficult concepts, Tanner loves working with students and helping them realize that they've already got the knowledge they need to reach further and find success in what they're trying to learn next.





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