Andrew Kleitzen, Chicago ACT, Writing, and Study Skills Development Tutor

Andrew received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Loyola University in Chicago. Most recently, he graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. Andrew tutored students from elementary school through college at the Howard Area Community Center, the Indo-American Center, and the Loyola Chicago Achieving College Excellence Program.

His areas of tutoring expertise include:

  • High school level mathematics
  • Writing and grammar
  • Social studies/social sciences
  • Study skills, organization, and time management

Having earned a composite score of 33 on the ACT, he is also an experienced ACT tutor.

Throughout his long tutoring career, Andrew has developed an expertise for working with students with disabilities, and he strives to provide a patient atmosphere paired with high expectations so that his students feel comfortable, but also capable of reaching their highest potential. Andrew also likes to emphasize organizational and time management skills with his students so that they continue to advance academically outside of tutoring sessions.

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