Steve Markofsky, SAT/ACT/GRE /GMAT Tutor

Steve holds a BA from the University of Rochester (political science), an MA in Archaeology (Durham University in UK), and a PhD in Archaeology from University College London. He also did a postdoc in Archaeology at the Spanish National Research Council (2013-2015).  He has extensive experience in private/semi-private tutoring and classroom instruction and has tutored a variety of subjects for about 12 years, both freelance and for a variety of large well known national brands. He's been a core component of MyGuru's tutoring team for more than three years.

In addition to Steve's role as a tutor for MyGuru, he's a professional archaeologist who has spent most of the past ten years living in Europe and doing fieldwork in Central Asia, where he studies the prehistory of the famous "Silk Road". How did he get into that? Thank the teachers! From elementary through high school, a number of fantastic instructors recognizMarkofsky.jpged and cultivated his fascination with archaeology, eventually leading him to obtain a master's degree, then a PhD, and finally to pursue his own research in which he has been able to teach and mentor students in those fields that have always interested him.
So what does an archaeology career have to do with tutoring math, or writing, or standardized college/grad school preparatory tests? Absolutely everything! For him, the most important aspects of working with students are connection, engagement and, when possible, excitement. His own background, which involves personal aspirations, exploration, and ultimately professional achievement, has provided him with a set of circumstances taht he can use to relate to students in ways that transcend any individual subject. Whether he's explaining the role of statistics in the humanities, or the importance of capturing and conveying one's own identity in a college application statement or application essay, I try to convey these concepts as an informative, enlightening, and hopefully enjoyable journey.

Steve has scored in the 98th percentile or better on the SAT and GRE, as well as unofficially on the GMAT. He has tutored a variety of subjects for over 12 years and focuses mainly on test prep. He also has experience working with students online.