Morgan Bissett-Tessier, Managing Tutor

iphone nov 563.jpgMorgan received her Bachelor's degree from Boston College, majoring in Management Leadership and minoring in Music. During her time as an undergraduate, she spent two semesters abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece and continued to work in Greece after graduating as an Extra-Curricular Activites Coordinator for a private middle and high school, Anatolia College. She has scored in the 98th percentile on the SAT and ACT, and achieved multiple high scores on various AP tests. Morgan spent two years tutoring high school sophomores for the MCAS (state exam) at a charter school in Boston, MA. She also spent a year teaching students of all ages and skill levels how to ballroom dance.

She has worked for MyGuru for the past 5+ years as a Marketing and Partnership Coordinator and is currently a Managing Tutor. Morgan is excited about helping students find the tutoring they need, and working with some of the best tutors out there!

 In her free time, Morgan likes to dance salsa, go for long runs through nearby state parks and trails, and experiment with new and strange recipes.