Manohar ("Mo") Murthi


Mo has been tutoring with MyGuru since 2011, and has helped high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students with a variety of math, science, and engineering courses as well as preparation for standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, and GRE. In 2014, he accepted a position as a Managing Tutor, where he is primarily tasked with helping MyGuru build its team of tutors in Austin, TX.

Mo studied chemical engineering, obtaining his BS from the University of California at Berkeley and his MS and PhD from Northwestern University. After his PhD he worked as a "quant" (quantitative researcher) at a prominent proprietary trading firm in Chicago, adapting mathematical models from many areas of science, engineering, and social sciences to apply to fixed-income financial derivative markets.

Since then he has been interested in sustainable rural development, volunteering on projects with Engineers Without Borders and other organizations in Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. He was recently awarded a prestigious Fulbright fellowship to do research on Stirling engines as a method of generating electricity from heat.

When he isn't working, Mo practices Zen meditation and Japanese swordsmanship. He might also be found hiking through the bush or, if he's anywhere near the ocean, scuba diving or freediving.

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