We know visitors to MyGuru are almost always either actively considering hiring a private tutor for a specific subject or standardized test or just trying to learn more about a standardized test.  They might be trying to understand exactly what is covered on the LSAT, or they might be researching different test prep options: self-study, in-person test prep classes, online prep courses, or private tutoring.

In this section of our site, you can learn more about MyGuru and various tutoring and test prep options through:

  • Testimonials – reading about what others have to say about receiving tutoring from MyGuru
  • Student Case Studies – learning exactly how we’ve helped previous students improve their grades or increase their test scores through detailed case studies
  • Interviews – watching or listening to us discuss various topics related to tutoring and test prep with previous students, expert tutors, and trusted academic partners
  • Partner Services – exploring the various services provided by our Partners, from online test prep courses to customized admissions advice (contact us for partner services)

Our blogs are also a great resource, and tend to cover the above topics and more, while also sometimes diving deep into specific areas (i.e., how to do GMAT questions that involve probability, etc.).