Online Test Prep Recommendations

MyGuru’s focus is on providing highly customized, one-on-one tutoring and test prep. 

But, we know that, beyond private tutoring, there are other powerful ways to accelerate your education.

If you’re studying for a standardized test, whether it’s the ACT, GMAT, or MCAT, you obviously want to get a great score – that’s why you’re considering a private tutor.  But, you might also be researching additional test prep materials or online courses that can give you an edge, via extra practice and additional tips, on the test. 

And, of course, your longer term goal is to get admitted to the college, MBA program, or medical school of your choice.  After you take the ACT, GMAT, or MCAT, you might be considering purchasing a guidebook to help you build your college, MBA, or medical school application, or you might even be considering private admissions advice from an admission expert.

So, we’ve teamed with other organizations and companies which share our vision for high quality, affordable products and services that help accelerate your education - whether that means improving your grade from a C to an A, scoring in the 95th percentile on a standardized test, or writing a clear, compelling essay to get admitted.

Scroll down to learn more about MyGuru’s Featured Partners organized into the following categories:

  • High school, college, and aspiring graduate school students
  • High school students
  • Aspiring business school students
  • Aspiring law school students
  • Aspiring medical school students

General Academic and Admissions Prep Partners – personalized admissions consulting and essay editing services is a generalist admissions consultant.  They help high school, college, and graduate school students put together better applications and write better admissions essays.  They also write a variety of e-books on the above topics that are informative and affordable.  Like MyGuru, they are committed to providing a high level of quality at a fair price.

BenchPrep – online and mobile test prep courses

One of our longest running partnerships is with BenchPrep, an interactive course library that you can access on your computer, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Kindle.  BenchPrep takes books and makes interactive courses out of them - adding study features, reports, and convenience.

Aptitude - online practice bank for general aptitude tests

If you are looking for a really low cost way to build basis arithmetic, verbal, reading, writing, and reasoning skills, this is an interesting web-site to consider.  It's not fancy, but it's a lot of legitimate practice for $7.

Resources for High School Students

ACT Quantum - online, self-paced ACT prep course

Lays a solid foundation of key ideas and concepts tested on the ACT through an online, video-based course that focuses on the math section.  Also visit SAT Quantum to prepare youself for the SAT as well. 

Collegian Financial – personalized, 1-1 college admissions and financial aid consulting

Collegian Financial is a boutique college admissions and financial aid advisory service.  They work 1-1 with students and parents to identify attractive colleges, apply for financial aid, and develop a well-rounded application.

ePrep – unique provider of self-paced, online ACT, SAT, PSAT, PLAN, and SSAT courses

What’s unique about ePrep is the combination of adaptive learning within the courses (i.e., you’ll get harder questions as you answer harder questions), detailed, video-based explanations to every question, multiple practice tests, and practice tests that are delivered on-paper, to supplement the online courses – since the ACT and SAT are still given on paper, not on a computer.

ISEE Practice Tests – offers paper-based practice tests for common high school entrance exams

With extensive experience as both tutors and professional writers, Test Innovators created the best Lower, Middle, and Upper Level full-length ISEE practice tests available.  The lead test writer is an experienced standardized test prep instructor and tutor (ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT).

StatFuse - unique tool for estimating your chances of college admission

StatFuse is a unique company focused on helping high school students find the information they need to research colleges and estimate their chances of admission.

The College Solution – college admissions blog authored by a nationally recognized college expert

The College Solution is a blog authored by Lynn O’Shaughnessy, who is a nationally recognized college expert, higher-ed journalist, consultant and speaker.  This blog helps helping families find the right colleges at the right price, covering topics from admissions to academics to financial aid.  It also features several affordable, but information-packed e-books on the college search process.

Resources for Aspiring MBA Students

2 Minute GMAT– unique daily email service for GMAT prep

Every day for three months, 2 Minute GMAT sends you an email with: A) five GMAT quant questions and five GMAT verbal questions B) a piece of information about top U.S. business schools and their admissions standards and C) tips on how to improve your GMAT score.  For an investment of $29.99, we think it’s an interesting way to supplement whatever GMAT preparation you’re already doing (i.e., tutoring, classes, self-study, etc.).  You’re bound to get at least $29.99 of value out of the ~90 emails.

Beat the GMAT - well known community for GMAT preparation

If you haven't spent some time reading through and participating on Beat the GMAT forums, you're probably missing out on some helpful GMAT tips and tricks.

BusinessBecause - unique community for b-school applicants, students, and alumns is a networking website for the business school world. Launched in 2009, BusinessBecause has 20,000 members who use the site to research MBA programmes, read daily news about students and alumni, look for jobs and connect with young professionals around the world. The site partners with B-schools from all around the world such as Chicago Booth and the CUHK.

GMAT Hacks – high quality GMAT prep books covering advanced quant and verbal strategies

GMAT Hacks is a web-site authored by Jeff Sackman.  He has been helping students prepare for the GMAT and apply to business school since 2000, and has scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT several times.  The site is filled with helpful articles and information, but is certainly geared towards selling Jeff’s GMAT prep books, which cover quant, verbal, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing.  Based on our review of Jeff’s materials, his instruction, insights, and strategies are sound and can certainly supplement private GMAT tutoring.

GMAT Quantum - online, self-paced GMAT prep course using only real GMAT content

Lays a solid foundation of key ideas and concepts tested on the GMAT through online, video-based courses that focuse on the quantitative section.  The courses include: clear emphasis on teaching core concepts, 15 hours of detailed video lessons, and 450 problems reflecting current GMAT content.  

Stacy Blackman Consulting – customized admissions prep and proprietary info about top MBA programs

Stacy Sukov Blackman has been consulting on the MBA application process since 2001. She earned her MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University (as did several of MyGuru’s founders) and her B.S. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Stacy has assisted the admissions committees at both schools, conducting alumni interviews and evaluating applicants.  Her company offers customized, 1-1 admissions prep, as well as a variety of e-books and traditional books which address topics from building your b-school application, developing a resume for business school, and branding yourself throughout your essays. 

Resources for Aspiring Law School Students

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Resources for Aspiring Medical School Students

Admit 2 Med - boutique medical school admissions consultant

Admit 2 Med is a boutique firm with a culture similar to MyGuru's.  Its co-founder obtained a position in her top choice MD-PhD program (at an ivy league school) without the help of a premedical advisor or campus mentor. She then went on to share her expertise by coaching students who have gained acceptance into M.D., MD-PhD and D.O. programs across the United States.

Pre-Med Status Report – a tool for assessing your med-school admissions chances from

StudentDoc crunches the data you enter from over 20 variables to produce a personalized PreMed Status Report. Each report runs ~35 pages and estimates your chances of getting accepted into medical school.  It also runs several "what if" scenarios to serve as a tool to help you decide whether to take the MCAT again. Though not a crystal ball, it can help you determine how changes in your GPA could affect your chances of getting into medical school.  It is personalized, private, and sent directly to your e-mail address. If you click the above link, you can purchase it from MyGuru for $20.00, vs. the $25.00 price directly from StudentDoc.

Med-School Coach – well regarded med-school admissions consulting company

Since 2006, MedSchoolCoach has provided medical school application consulting services to over 850 premedical students. Noticing that the advice people were getting from other sources was outdated or incorrect; their founders thought it would be helpful to offer structured services. They combine their experience as premeds, applicants, medical students, admission committee members and now physicians to give customized, straight forward advice that covers: general advising, essay editing, interview prep, and complete packages.


MyGuru also offers a Membership Program, which provides discounted private tutoring, discounted admission consulting, and free and/or discounted access to most of the services and companies listed above.  Click below to learn more.

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