ACT Tutors in Minneapolis

ACT tutoring is one of our core services in Minneapolis. Our tutors listen to understand each student's target test date, perceived strengths and weaknesses, and target ACT score. By also reviewing previous official ACT scores or recent practice tests, they'll work with you to design a customized ACT study plan.

Our team of ACT tutors in Minneapolis includes:

Luc M.

  • Bachelors in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Minnesota
  • 34 ACT composite (35 Super scored)
  • Experience tutoring ACT, SAT, math up thru Calculus, physics, chemistry, biology & English
  • Has tutored the ACT extensively for the past 2+ years

This is not an exhaustive list of our Minneapolis ACT tutors, but should provide a sense for the quality and experience level of our team in Minneapolis.

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