Welcome to MyGuru's Membership Program

Are you looking for some sort of ongoing support from an expert tutor or mentor without a major commitment? Become a MyGuru Member.

The Basics

For $40 a month, you’ll get an hour of “off-line” support from an expert tutor to help you navigate whatever academic subject or standardized test you are working on. Email questions to your tutor, and the tutor will respond via email, set up a phone call with you, or even create a short video on a virtual whiteboard and share it with you. 

Each time you pose a question, your membership account is charged one ten-minute block and you'll receive a response via email within one business day. Usually, faster. Over the course of the month, the maximum number of questions you can pose is six (ten minutes per question x 6 questions = 60 minutes). 

If you need more help/time in any given month, that's available in additional blocks of 10 minutes for $6.66. You also can opt for a live online tutoring session at a 10% discount off base pricing.

Common Membership Subjects

  • All mathematics and science subjects at the high school or college level
  • Professional exam prep for the NCLEX, ASVAB, CPA, CFP, CFA, SIE, and Series 7
  • Standardized test prep covering the: ACT, SAT, TOEFL, MAT, GRE, Executive Assessment, Essential Skills, GMAT, or LSAT
  • Anything you need. Just ask!

Members are also eligible for a 10% discount on all MyGuru tutoring.

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Other Benefits of the MyGuru Membership Program

In addition to the 10% discount on live 1-1 tutoring through MyGuru, participants in the membership program will also receive unique discounts on other services through our network of partners, like admissions consulting, career advice, and student loan refinancing.