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An LSAT Tutoring Package from MyGuru is a comprehensive solution consisting of a test prep book, 15 hours of customized, 1-on-1 instruction from a recognized expert in the LSAT, and 10  actual practice tests.  The LSAT is one of the most important parts of your law school application, and getting one-on-one tutoring is the best way to maximize your score.

Students complete a diagnostic test to identify key strengths and weaknesses prior to their first session, which involves a review of this diagnostic test, an overview of each section of the LSAT, and the development of a detailed study plan.  This is followed by a series of sessions focusing on specific strategies and question types.  A final practice test is designed to allow you to practice new strategies and allow you to simulate test day conditions.

In partnership with LSAT Wiz, a boutique, like-minded LSAT tutoring company operated by current law school students at top 10 programs, we offer live-in person one on one LSAT tutoring from the most qualified tutors in the industry at either your home or local library in the Los Angeles area.  We believe there is no one size fits all approach to LSAT tutoring.  Every lesson and every homework assignment is custom built just for you, tailor designed to increase your all important LSAT score as much as possible.

Your tutoring sessions can be customized to work on specific sections – arguments, games, or reading comprehension – giving you the confidence you need on test day.

Customized,  1-1 Expert Instruction

All LSAT Prep Packages in Los Angeles are delivered by established LSAT experts in the area, including Chang-June, whose background includes:

  • B.A. in English from Yale College
  • LSAT: 167
  • Santa Clara University Law School, JD
  • SAT: 1500/1600
  • 8 years of teaching and tutoring experience with the LSAT and any AP exam

A Good Investment

Although you can of course invest in LSAT tutoring by the hour with MyGuru, our comprehensive package costs $1,250 and includes:

If you do prefer to invest in LSAT tutoring sessions by the hour, we provide discounts of up to 15% off of our base rate of $85.00 for purchasing more than 15 hours at a time.

You will not find a better LSAT tutoring value.  Typical hourly rates for 1-on-1 LSAT Test prep from an instructor like Chang-June can be $200 or more.

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