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The Analytical Writing measure assesses critical thinking and analytical writing capabilities. It evaluates your ability to communicate and support complicated ideas, design and test arguments, and engage in a clear and intelligible discussion of an issue. It does not measure how much you know about any specific topic. While an average or above average score on the Analytical Writing measure is unlikely to help you a ton with an admissions committee, a below average score can and will hurt your admissions chances.

We can review, score, and provide detailed feedback on your practice GRE Analytical Writing measure essays, as well as advise you on how to incorporate GRE essay practice into your GRE study plan.


As you probably know, the GRE Analytical Writing measure consists of two separately timed GRE essay tasks. The Issue task presents an opinion on an issue of general interest followed by specific instructions on how to respond. You are required to evaluate the issue, consider its complexities and develop an argument with examples to support your views.  The Argument task requires you to evaluate the logical soundness of an argument rather than agree or disagree with its position.

The two tasks are complementary in that one requires you to construct your own argument, and the other requires you to evaluate someone else's argument by assessing its claims and evaluating the evidence. Although the GRE® Analytical Writing measure consists of two separate tasks, ETS reports a single score. It considers one score more reliable than a score for either task by itself.

We charge GRE Prep Club Members $30 (the regular price is $35) to review, score, and provide detailed written feedback on one GRE essay : issue or argument. Additional essays can be reviewed and verbal feedback, study planning or GRE tutoring can be provided as well, with pricing customized based on the situation.

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