Free Online GMAT/GRE Prep Classes

We are launching a webinar series to provide live instruction during COVID-19 to students studying for the GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment who could benefit from engaging with our expert tutors.

How Will These Free Online GMAT/GRE Sessions Work?

Each month we'll offer a total of 120 minutes of free live prep for the GMAT and GRE via two 60 minute webinars. Each class will be mix of "presentation" and Q&A where students can get specific questions answered. We'll be happy to answer high level questions about test prep, such as "when should I start studying for the GRE?" or far more detailed questions, such  as "how do I approach combinatoric questions on the GMAT." Either type of question is fair game.

Once you sign up for one of our free live classes, we encourage you to submit questions in advance to ensure you get the best possible answer.  Anyone who has signed up for the webinar and provided an email address will receiving a link to a recording of the class.

Example Online GMAT Class

Featured GRE/GMAT Instructor

The instructor for these classes will be Stefan Maisnier, our Director of Online Instruction and a professional test prep tutor with 15+ years of experience. He's one of our most experienced GRE, GMAT, and Executive Assessment exam tutors. He designed our online tutoring processes and has taught in-person and online test prep courses for multiple universities. Before joining MyGuru, he was a nationally recognized instructor for the largest test prep brand in the U.S.

Upcoming Free GMAT/GRE Classes

In each and every one of our free online classes, you'll be able to submit your unique GRE/GMAT/EA exam questions in advance and have them answered live during the session (and again, they do not need to be related to the stated topic of the webinar).

More webinars coming soon!

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