Why We Are Different

MyGuru is not your typical tutoring agency or company.  We are different because we are:

  • Highly selective recruiters- we seek exceptional tutors, and are willing to grow slowly, even turning away students until we have the right type of tutor in any given subject. Learn more about our tutors here.
  • Customized – we only offer 1-on-1 help that allows the tutor to maximize attention on the student.  Our tutoring solutions are customized so you get the results you need fast.  Learn  more about what we do here.
  • Feedback Driven -  we encourage and act on student feedback to improve the tutoring experience
  • Affordable – we’ve been told that other companies sometimes charge 2-3 times our rates for tutors of our quality level.  We’re OK with this – we charge fair prices for high quality, private tutoring.

We realize that even by working with a company with a commitment to providing a good value, private, 1-1 tutoring can become a significant investment, and in the long run, a commitment to affordability will benefit everyone.  Learn more about who we are here.

We are not your typical tutor matching website or test prep company. We encourage you to learn more about us by exploring our website or contact us with any questions.