MyGuru's Yelp Reviews

We are proud of our reviews on Yelp.

They represent an independent and credible source of feedback on our performance as a company and on the specific performance of our expert team of tutors in Chicago, New York, Boston, Minneapolis, Houston, and Philadelphia.

Reviews on Yelp are extremely difficult to manipulate, as Yelp has a strict process for analyzing and vetting them for authenticity, so consumers can trust what they are reading.

Reviews by City

Chicago has 21 active reviews overall, more than all other tutoring companies in Chicago, including 19 five star reviews.

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New York has 5 active reviews (all five stars), more than most other tutoring companies in New York.

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Minneapolis has 2 active reviews overall, with a 4.5 star average rating, one of the better averages for tutoring companies near Minneapolis

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In BostonHouston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, we are off to a strong start, and currently have one five star review in each city.  philadelphia yelp