GMAT Tutoring Reviews

Below are reviews from previous students who've worked with us.

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Jessica P. was struggling with Quant -

I was looking for some extra tutoring for my upcoming GMAT exam. I was still struggling with the quantitative section...I received a response the same night that I had inquired about the services and was immediately referred to a tutor. I spent a week tutoring with my tutor and he helped me improve on so many test taking skills as well as the quantitative section. I ended up...receiving a score that was 60 points higher than my initial exam score and I was thrilled.

Kendall E. increased his GMAT score by over 150 points -

I worked with MyGuru founder Mark to match me with a GMAT tutor..was an actual classroom teacher for two years prior and scored well above 700 on his GMAT...I came to MyGuru needing a lot of help. My tutor and I spent several weeks together identifying my weak areas and coming up with a plan to strengthen them. My tutor was able to help me look at data sufficiency questions in a totally new way...I was able to improve my overall GMAT score by over 150 points.

Holly K. just needed a few hours of GMAT tutoring, not a full package -

The entire MyGuru team was very helpful and responsive throughout the tutoring process. My tutor went out of his way to gather content and check in with me in the middle of the week to see if there were problem areas he should focus on. I would definitely recommend MyGuru especially if you need specialized help on a few problem areas and don't need a full package like many tutoring services offer.

Elizabeth T. saw her GMAT score improve in two weeks, not a full package -

My GMAT score went from a 630 prior to working with MyGuru to a 690 in two weeks.

Marissa P. increased her score by 90 points and got accepted into Harvard Business School, not a full package -

In only 3 sessions with MyGuru, my score went from a 590 to a 700. I ended up with a 680 on the exam, which got me into Harvard Business School.

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