Law School Admissions

Getting into law school is not entirely dependent on your LSAT score.  Although very important, it's just one part of your law school application.  MyGuru works with the below partners to help our students get accepted to some of the most selective law schools in the country.

Law School Admissions Partners – well known, successful firm offering admissions consulting and essay editing services is a generalist admissions consultant.  They help high school, college, and graduate school students put together better applications and write better admissions essays.  They also write a variety of e-books on the above topics that are informative and affordable.  Like MyGuru, they are committed to providing a high level of quality at a fair price.

InGenius Prep - boutique, smaller firm offering highly customized admissions consulting services

Another generalist admissions consulting firm, they are former admissions officers from the most competitive schools around the country, paired with top students from the best graduate programs. Together, they form a team that helps you get admitted to college, graduate, or law school.

Law School Expert - small firm focused solely on Law School admissions

MyGuru has teamed with Law School Expert, Inc., a focused provider of law school admissions advice, brings years of experience making law school admission decisions to counseling and strategizing with law school applicants, including help with personal statements, optional essays, resumes, deciding where to apply, and all other aspects of the application process.