College Admissions

MyGuru’s focus is on providing highly customized, one-on-one tutoring and test prep. 

But, we also believe strongly that high school students should not simply strive for great grades and high test scores, and then assume the college admissions process will work itself out. The process of choosing schools, writing essays, and creating an application package can be stressful and highly competitive. Being strategic about what you do in high school and where you apply can pay huge dividends in terms of the school you get into and the experience you have when you're there. It is a great idea to start thinking about college very early in the process - perhaps as early as 9th grade.

That's why we work with a team of partners offering unique services that help high school students navigate the college admissions process. – e-books and essay editing services is a generalist admissions consultant.  They help high school, college, and graduate school students put together better applications and write better admissions essays.  They also write a variety of e-books on the above topics that are informative and affordable. 

AdmitSee - college students get paid to share application insight on what got them admitted.

Founded in 2013 at the University of Pennsylvania, AdmitSee is a social network founded by students for students with a comprehensive database of successful application files. College students are incentivized to share their materials because they get paid $1-5 every time users view their full profile. They also earn money as mentors - answering applicants’ questions and providing essay feedback. Use code MYGURU for $10 in site credits.

Collegian Financial – personalized, 1-1 college financial aid consulting

Collegian Financial is a boutique college admissions and financial aid advisory service.  They work 1-1 with students and parents to identify attractive colleges, apply for financial aid, and develop a well-rounded application.

Cornerstone Reputation - online reputation management services

This organization recognizes and fills the growing need for knowledgeable guidance on molding a student's online presence to improve one's public reputation when it comes to college admissions.  Cornerstone Reputation also offers a basic mentoring service that is focused on educating students on the simultaneous pitfalls and positives of the Internet.

DIY College Rankings - college admissions blog

Great blog full of information that helps students choose and apply to colleges with the right mix of academic excellence, affordability, and access to their desired types of extracurricular activites.

The College Solution – college financial planning blog 

The College Solution is a blog authored by Lynn O’Shaughnessy, who is a nationally recognized college expert, higher-ed journalist, consultant and speaker.  This blog helps helping families find the right colleges at the right price, covering topics from admissions to academics to financial aid.  It also features several affordable, but information-packed e-books on the college search process.