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We are in the process of publishing our first book on improving standardized test scores.  Unlike almost all other “test prep” books,  it will not cover specific math, reading, or writing concepts; instead, it's a book about getting better at the preparation process.  It argues that excellent performance is the result of careful planning, focused study, and specific practice strategies.


Standardized tests are not tests of innate IQ; instead, they measure learnable skills that, with a focused, structured preparation approach, can be built steadily over time.  This book will help you change your mindset, build a customized study plan, and practice much more effectively. 


This book is unique, in that it was develped with input from a team of elite education partners, including tutors with a combined 40+ years of experience tutoring for the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT who hold MBAs, JDs, and PhDs from Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, Cornell, and the University of Chicago. We also collaborated closely with Magoosh, a recognized expert in online standardized test prep.


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What to Expect in Chapter One

Most of us believe, in varying degrees perhaps, not only that there is something called “natural talent” or "intelligence" that you are born with, but that it’s a very important determinant of your performance in school, and particularly on standardized tests.  


Current research suggests that we need to start thinking about performance, in sports, in life, in school, and on tests, much differently. Great performance is the result of a specific mindset and a customized, feedback driven approach to practice.  


In the video to the right author and MyGuru founder Mark Skoskiewicz applies many of this book's ideas to a discussion of the recently announced redesign of the SAT.

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